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♡ PuriKura Love ♡


♡♡ All the Japanese street fashion in one Booth♡♡
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Hello and welcome. I would like to greet you all and thank you for coming here. The point of this group is to share ideas for different fashions, either if you wear them yourself or you just love them. This is a friendly group and there should not be any put-downs. You need to help those around you out so that they can learn the truth behind the styles you've grown to love! I would also like to say thank you Bunntsneezes for making the layout for this group ^_^ If you click on the name it will take you to her site! Well now onto the rules!


[♡] Be respectful of others. In other words, don't be an asshole. If I see this going on the message will be deleted.
[♡] Pictures are allowed and wanted, so PLEASE post pictures and have fun.
[♡] Do not claim pictures as yours if they are not. If this is found the post will be deleted.
[♡] If you want to put up a sale add. Please ask me first, I will most likely say yes anyway. ^_^
[♡] Not to much drama. If you want full long drama, post it on your own journal.
[♡] Anything related to Street Fashion is allowed. Graphics, music, movies exc...
[♡] Do NOT advertise another group UNLESS you ask the mods.
[♡] That's all! Have fun!


[♡] All images must be under a cut. Only a preview image may be up.
[♡] No nude pictures. (I dont think that will be a problem)
[♡] There will most likely be theme picture rules that will be posted at the time of the contest or theme.
[♡] Scans: if you could, put the magazine that it came from so others maybe able to find it.

♡♡What We Need♡♡

I really hope you guys will make this group a great place, and so we need help with things. If you are able to do anything on this list, please leave a message on the board or send a message to Maliciouspuppet.

[]Website:To be able to set up meets in different places, to either have a fun time meeting others with different tastes or the same as you do, or to trade items.
[]Banners:As you can tell I'm not that great at making banners. ^_^;;; So if you are able to, please post and if we all agree it will be the new one. ^_^
[]Graphics:Any that you think will help the group as well as others in it. Maybe making layouts that let other members use. ^_^

The Mods

If you have any thing to ask please contact ether Gara-chan (Maliciouspuppet) or Kiwi-chan (Firisfirefly). We would be more then happy to help you! Also, if you have a sign for us we will be happy if you send it to us or post it here on the comunity. ^_^ Thank you!




If you wish to be an Affiliate then please contact one of the mods


Please take one and help the group! arigato!

This banner was made bygenkisakura

This banner was made byprettypercusion